Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a job at the Casper Events Center? It looks like it would be a fun place work.

Jobs at the Casper Events Center are available at random times throughout the year. You can review current job listings and sign-up for job announcement emails through the City of Casper’s website or by visiting the employment kiosk at Casper City Hall (200 N. David St).

How can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online here (24 hours a day, seven days a week), charged-by-phone at (307) 577-3030 or (800) 442-2256 (Monday – Friday 11:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), or in-person at the Casper Events Center Box Office (Monday – Friday 11:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).

What methods of Payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, & Discover accepted online or on the phone. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash and local checks accepted at the box office. All credit card and check purchases will be required to show a valid photo ID.

Secondary Ticket Market Consumer Warning

The Casper Events Center uses bar code scanning for ticket admissions. As a result, patrons should be careful when purchasing tickets and should make sure to purchase tickets directly from Casper Events Center website, phone, or box office, otherwise, you may be purchasing a ticket that is invalid and could be denied admission.

If you purchase tickets from an unauthorized agent in the secondary market (scalper, ticket broker, eBay, Craigslist, etc.), you risk purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets.

Please be advised that any other ticketing website is not an authorized seller of tickets for events at the Casper Events Center. Purchasing tickets outside of the Casper Events Center may result in fraudulent tickets, or tickets that cannot be used for entry. These tickets will not be exchanged and/or refunded by the Casper Events Center.

Purchase your tickets from a reputable ticketing company. Many “secondary” ticket companies or “brokers” lead you to believe that they are the official site for purchasing tickets.

Start at and follow the links to purchase tickets to events taking place at the Casper Events Center.

What does it mean by a “ticket limit”?

Certain events may limit sales to a specified number of tickets for each event (also known as a “ticket limit”). This amount is included on the unique Event listing and is verified with every transaction. This policy is in effect to discourage unfair ticket buying practices. Disclaimer: Please adhere to published ticket limits. Persons or households who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their tickets cancelled without notice by Casper Events Center ticketing at its discretion. This includes orders associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number or other information.

What does a “General Admission” (GA) Ticket mean?

General Admission, or GA seating, is first come, first sit upon entering the arena. Some events offer General Admission Standing Room on the floor.

What are pre-sales and how can I be eligible?

Sign-up here for the Casper Events Center Cyber Club to be the first to know about new events, presales, and special offers. 

How far in advance do tickets go on sale?

Ticket on-sale dates are determined by the show promoter and vary depending upon the show.

How do I get backstage passes?

You cannot buy backstage passes. Backstage passes, when available, are controlled by promoters and Artists. Most backstage passes are won through media promotions or given out through artist fan-club privileges.

At times I hear a concert or event announced but the Casper Events Center does not have any info.

Occasionally, artist managers, artists, and booking agents will announce shows without having the appropriate contracts in-place with the CEC. As soon as events are firm (have signed a contract and provided all of the appropriate information to the CEC), we post the details on our website and our phone system and our staff is able to distribute information.

What are Print At Home Tickets?

Print at home is an electronic delivery method by which your tickets are e-mailed directly to you after your purchase. You will receive two e-mails after your purchase; the first will be your Print-at-Home e-mail with your tickets attached, the second will be your order confirmation (does not include tickets).

If I get my order confirmation email but never get my ticket email, what should I do?

Contact the Casper Events Center Box Office.

Please only use the Print at Home Re-issue feature if:

  • You have lost or misplaced your Print at Home tickets
  • It has been at least 45 minutes since you purchased Print at Home tickets or had Print at Home tickets transferred to you and you have not received them

Note: Each time you re-issue tickets the barcodes on the previously issued tickets are cancelled and will not be valid for entry. Only the barcodes on the latest re-issued tickets will be valid for entry.

I ordered my tickets 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t received them. What do I do now?

Haven’t received your tickets? Please contact the Casper Events Center Box Office at (307) 577-3030 or (800) 442-2256 for assistance.

How long into an event is the Box Office open?

The Box Office will normally stay open through intermission of the event. The Box Office can close at any time deemed by management after show start time.

Something has come up and I will not be able to attend the event. Can I be refunded?

All Sales are Final. The Casper Events Center will not issue a refund.

What if a concert is cancelled, can I be refunded then?

In the event of a cancellation, the paid ticket price* will be refunded. 
*Fees associated with ticket purchased will be retained. The fee is retained to cover the costs associated with the processing of the sale because, while the show cancelled, the venue still incurred the costs in selling the tickets.

Tickets purchased via credit card will automatically be credited within 48hrs of the show cancellation to the same card. Your credit should show up on your statement within 3 to 5 business days.

If tickets were purchased by cash or check, the tickets will need to be returned to the Box Office, where customers will need to present ID, and sign a form. A check will be mailed for this refund. There will be no cash refunds. Please call the Box Office at (307) 577-3030 or 800-442-2256 if a refund is needed by mail.

Acceptable Forms of Identification

Acceptable forms of identification include: Driver’s License issued by any state; ID card issued by the Wyoming Department of Transportation; International Passport; Military ID; Canadian or Mexican Driver’s License; Tribal ID issued by Eastern Shoshone or Northern Arapahoe Tribes; Permanent Resident Card issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Arena Tours

The CEC staff would be happy to give you and your group a tour of our facility. Please contact us at (307) 235-8441 to make arrangements. Please note that all tours must be arranged in advance; for staffing and security reasons, we cannot accommodate surprise tours.


The Casper Events Center has one (1) ATM for guest use. It is located on the concourse level between Portals 10 & 12, behind Sections K and L.

Camera Policy/Can I bring my camera?

Camera policies vary by event. The CEC Staff does our best to get this information in a timely manner and will post each show’s policy to our website as soon as it’s available. If you’re unsure, please call us at (307) 577-3030 or (800) 442-2256.

Catering In-House

City of Casper Food and Beverage Division is the exclusive caterer at the CEC.

We are extremely proud of the reputation we have for top quality offerings and exceptional service. Let us custom-tailor your next event in the picturesque Three Trails Rooms on the second floor with the best view of the city where we can accommodate up to 350 persons. For larger events, we can accommodate up to 2000 in the Arena.

We have a full liquor license and can provide the alcohol services you may require.


City of Casper Food and Beverage Division is the exclusive concessionaire at the CEC.

We provide only top-of-the line products from Nathan’s Famous All Beef Hot Dogs, Johnsonville Sausages, Angus Steak Burgers, J & J Pretzels, Churros and Funnel Cakes, Pepsi Products and Minute Maid Frozen Lemonades. We also provide low calorie, fat and carbohydrate offerings. We use only Canola Oils for frying and popping popcorn which have 0% Trans fats. We also offer “Specials” designed towards the demographics of the particular shows – watch for these!

We also have two subcontractors, Pizza Hut with pizza, cheese bread and wings; and Little Things in Life with specialty coffees, Dip n’ Dots, smoothies, mini donuts and candies.

First Aid Location

There is a First Aid Office located on the concourse level behind the box office. If you or someone you’re with needs medical assistance while at the CEC, please don’t hesitate to visit our First Aid Office or ask any of our staff for assistance.

Guest Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Guests can be dropped off and picked up at the circle outside of box office or at the circle around the statue on the Northwest side of the building. Please note that these are not parking areas and are strictly available to assist guests and their drivers in locating each other.

Lost Children

The CEC staff has a lost child procedure. If you have a lost child, please remain calm and speak with any of our staff. We ask that parents make note of what their children are wearing when they arrive at each event to aid in more easily identifying your child.

Lost and Found

The lost and found is inventoried by our Box Office Staff. If you realize that you’ve lost an item during an event, please ask any of our staff for assistance. If you don’t become aware of lost items until after the event, please call us at (307) 577-3030 or (800) 442-2256.


Fourteen (14) (9 paved/5 graveled) lighted parking lots can accommodate 3,600 vehicles. All lots are adjacent to the Casper Events Center. Parking permits are not required. ADA Parking is also available.

Pay Phones

With the advancements of modern technology and the number of cell phones that are currently circulating the US, the CEC no longer has pay phones. If you have an emergency and are not able to access a cell phone, please let our staff know and we will escort you to a house phone.

Poster/Signage Policy

The building policy, which is supported by City ordinance and the U.S. Constitution, with respect to people wanting to distribute flyers/pamphlets, circulate petitions, etc. is as follows:

Outside the building:

  • People may collect signatures but may not distribute anything because of anti-litter ordinances. 
  • Placement of flyers on windshields is prohibited due to anti-litter ordinances.
  • You may not obstruct or harass guests. 
  • If the grounds/parking lots are rented, you cannot be on the grounds without the written permission of the lessee.

In the building: 

  • You must have the show promoters approval prior to the event and,
  • You must buy a ticket or exhibitors pass and,
  • You must stay within your assigned location and may not circulate in the crowd or position yourself in walkways.

In all cases, please contact us at (307) 235-8441 prior to distributing any items.

Prohibited Items

In all cases alcohol, outside food & beverage, coolers, bottles, cans, laser pointers, knives, firearms or fireworks are not permitted into the facility. Camera, audio & video recording device policies are determined by the client or promoter.

Re-Entry Policy

The Casper Events Center enforces a “No Re-Entry” policy for all ticketed events. Exceptions may include events in which a client extends access throughout the run of an event.

Service Animals

Trained service animals assisting guests with disabilities are permitted inside the Casper Events Center. Service animals must remain on a leash or harness at all times and will rest in the seating area of the individual with a disability. Service animals may not use additional seats unless a ticket has been purchased for the adjacent seat. All other animals are prohibited.

Wheelchairs, ADA and Assisted Hearing Services

The Casper Events Center offers wheelchair assistance to and from guest seats. Wheelchairs are not issued for the duration of an event. You may request wheelchair assistance from our drop-off at the circle on West Boulevard, please call the Box Office at 577-3030 in advance of your arrival.

Assistive listening receivers, headphones & other devices are available to guests upon request at our First Aid station near the Box Office. A driver’s license or state issued ID is required.

Address and Phone Numbers

The Casper Events Center’s physical address is: Number One Events Dr; Casper, WY 82601. Our mailing address is: PO Box 128; Casper, WY 82602

Our Box Office phone numbers are (307) 577-3030 and (800) 442-2256. Our Administration Office phone number is (307) 235-8441.

Box Office and Ticketing Information

Click here for box office and ticket information.

How can I find out if an event is sold out?

Don’t let rumors keep you from attending the events you want to see. Please visit our website, read press releases, or call our Box Office at (307) 577-3030 or (800) 442-2256 to verify if an event is sold out or if tickets are still available.

Can I bring my own food/beverages to a CEC event?

No outside food and/or beverage is allowed in the facility without prior approval. If you have special dietary needs or restrictions and are concerned with your ability to find a snack or treat suitable for your diet at our concession stands, please call us at (307) 235-8441 in advance of the event.

Why do I have to have a wristband to buy alcohol?

All guests will be required to show positive and current proof of age to be issued a wristband. Wristbands assist in speeding up the time at bars and beer stands. Guests generally will not have to show their valid IDs after they’ve been issued a wristband.

Alcohol Policy and Acceptable Forms of ID

All guests will be required to show positive and current proof of age to be issued a wristband to purchase up to two (2) alcoholic beverages per visit.

Alcohol sales cease approximately ½ hour (30 minutes) prior to the end of the event. For sporting events, alcohol sales will end at the beginning of the last period of the game. Alcohol sales may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of management.

The Casper Events Center removes all bottle caps for all events. It is an industry standard safety precaution to remove the caps from plastic bottles. When the cap is removed and a bottle a thrown, the liquid spills out and moves at a slower rate and could do less damage than a full, capped bottle.

For certain performances, by request of the promoter and/or the artist, we pour all beverages into cups.

It is required by law that individuals have one of the following forms of Identification in order to be served alcohol in the State of Wyoming: Driver’s License issued by any state; ID card issued by the Wyoming Department of Transportation; International Passport; Military ID; Canadian or Mexican Driver’s License; Tribal ID issued by Eastern Shoshone or Northern Arapahoe Tribes; Permanent Resident Card issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


City of Casper Food and Beverage is the exclusive merchandise vendor at the CEC.


Click here for directions.

Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations

City of Casper Food and Beverage utilizes Non-Profit Groups for Concession Stands. We pay the groups a percentage of their net sales. If interested, please contact City of Casper Food and Beverage at (307) 235-8441.

Food and Beverage / Bottles / Cans

Per Policy, the CEC does not allow service in glass bottles or aluminum cans. We do allow service in plastic bottles, unless the promoter/performer(s) request that we pour into cups.
The Casper Events Center removes all bottle caps for all events. It is an industry standard safety precaution to remove the caps from plastic bottles. When the cap is removed and a bottle a thrown, the liquid spills out and moves at a slower rate and could do less damage than a full, capped bottle.

Door Opening Times

Doors open a minimum of one (1) hour prior to the show time. Door opening times can change at any time by the discretion of the promoter or CEC management. Please call the box office or check online for door times to each event. There are occasionally exceptions to this rule for events such as Monster Trucks.

Will Call

Credit Card of Purchase & Photo ID are required when picking up Will-Call Tickets. Will-Call is located at the main box office in the southwest corner of the Casper Events Center.

Do I need a ticket for my child?

Children age 2 and under are admitted free to most events if accompanied by a parent/guardian and held (seated on lap). Any child occupying a seat must purchase a ticket for that seat. Please refer to Event information for Age limits, as some productions require children younger than 2 to purchase a ticket.

Parental Advisory

The management of the Casper Events Center encourages parents to be familiar with the content of shows held at the Events Center, prior to the purchase of tickets. Not all performances are appropriate for all ages.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and Availability
Casper Events Center sells tickets on behalf of promoters, teams, performers, etc., which means that Casper Events Center does not set the ticket prices, discounts, group rates or determine seating locations and price breakdowns. Tickets are sold online at, phones at (307) 577-3030 and 1-800-442-2256 and at the Casper Events Center Box Office. Tickets for popular events may sell out quickly. Occasionally, additional tickets may become available prior to the event. However, the Casper Events Center does not control this inventory or its availability.