In addition to concerts and sporting events, the Casper Events Center plays host to a variety of events throughout the year such as meetings, banquets, holiday parties and wedding receptions. We hold a full retail liquor license allowing for the sale of wine, beer and liquor. There is also a full service kitchen and equipment capable of servicing up to 2,000 banquet patrons. And we have an experienced and caring catering staff available to make your event a memorable time.

To check available dates and get a custom menu for your meeting, party, or wedding reception, call us at (307) 235-8459 or email [email protected].

Facility Rental Policy

The basic rental fee includes use of the designated room, normal janitorial service, heat and/or air conditioning, normal lighting, tables, chairs, water and restroom services. There will be a labor charge for greater than normal cleanup and/or setup requirements that are not normally associated with the event. The Manager of the Casper Events Center has authority to negotiate variations in rental rates.

Rates do not include any special requirements such as security, ticket takers, doormen, first aid, stagehands, sound and light operators, exhibit/convention booth equipment, materials, etc. The number and identity of persons to be used in public service capacities shall be designated by the Casper Events Center Manager. Rates for these services and additional equipment requested shall be charged at the current Casper Events Center reimbursable rate schedule.

A deposit equal to the first day’s rent is required at the time the event is contracted. This deposit may be retained in part or entirely by the Casper Events Center if the event is cancelled and may be held for up to one week after the event to apply to any damage or loss that may have occurred in conjunction with the event. Proof of insurance is required for all events held at the Events Center. The City of Casper and its employees are to be named as additional insured. The deposit and signed contract must be received by the Casper Events Center before tickets will go on sale and before advertising can begin.

When a hold date is challenged, the Casper Events Center will notify the “hold” contact stating that their hold for that date is being challenged and in order to firm the date, it will be necessary for the party to submit the required deposit and a written request for a contract within forty-eight hours (2 working days). If deposit is not received, the hold for that date will be released.

To check available dates, please call us at (307) 235-8441 or email [email protected]